1 - All you need is a simple photo.

Most of our customers are using simple smartphones, you do not need a professional camera to get your movie poster.

2 - Customization is key

Give your film poster a main title, tagline or an introduction line (optional).

You can also have cast names on the poster! Need some help? Please contact us here.

3 - Our advices for better results.

These are recommendations, not obligations. 

Better to have a photo without cutting off parts of the person, and close to the camera.

Better to have the person stand upright, it is always better. 

 Better to have a picture without objects blocking the person in the photo.

Better to use natural light picture, with picture taken outside. Better to avoid filters as well. Please check those examples, they are all taken on a mobile phone. 

Get ready to become a Hollywood star! 

Let's get started!

Our artists will design your handmade film posters within 48 hours after placing your order, and we will send you a proof before printing physical products. 

Our team is efficient, creative, English speaking, and they work with love.

You always get to approve or ask for changes, and we offer unlimited free revisions.

We work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Still not sure?

Before starting a project, we will let you know by e-mail if we have an issue with your photo. You, and Like a star team work as collaborators, so you will get expected results. 

If you still have questions, please contact us here.