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Your Personalized Movie Poster | Like A Star™

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  • $0.00 $34.99
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    +12.500 Happy Customers 🥳

    William.L Verified

    LOVE IT 😍

    I am super happy with how it came out! Great job ! I'll definitely order again for my family

    Maud.P Verified

    Wonderful !

    Ordered for me and my boyfriend, we asked for a revision after getting the first preview by email and the final result is great ! My living room looks stunning with this new custom frame !

    Sandy.F Verified

    Best gift idea !

    I bought it for Christmas for my daughter. The gift was a success! The next one will be for my son 😜

    Steve.A Verified

    Big surprise ! 😂

    My friends surprised me by buying it for my birthday. Really pleased with the quality, and the details. I asked Like A Star team to create posters for my musical tours, as I am a Dj.

    Alan.D Verified

    My wife fall in love with it!

    I’ve found that website thanks to a food YouTuber, I met my wife during a road trip, so I’ve decided to offer her that movie poster. When she saw it there were tears in her eyes, she is really happy. These are beautiful memories